We live here, too!

The 185 employees and management of City Auto Park are part of your community. We live and work here, just like you. And we care about those in need.
We invite you to join us! Help us build a stronger community.

It's as easy as clicking on any of the links below to get involved.

Kate's Place

Helping the most grateful among us, developmentally delayed teens and young adults. Imagine not having anyone in your neighborhood to talk to. Imagine not being able to drive over to a friend's house or do any number of things you and take for granted. That's why we sponsor Kate's Place. So special members of our community can enjoy social and work lives the way we do.

Kate's Place is always in need of volunteers. And with your dona- tions (and ours), Kate's Place can keep expanding their program!


Hope on Wheels

Hyundai City participates in this national drive, saving lives and cre- ating hope for pediatric cancer patients. Locally, Hyundai City is involved with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.Join us in this great cause! Volunteer your time, money, whatever. You can always contact us, or get involved directly using one of these links:



Burlington Township Police Department

They're the first ones on the scene when there's trouble. They've always got our back. But who has theirs? We do. At City Autopark we think it's our obligation to be there. That's why we support ben- efits for families of hurt or slain officers.Let them know you want to help, too!


Sheriff's Collection of Toys for Children

It's hard to believe there are families and kids in our area who can't afford even the basics at Christmas time. Have a heart. As in years past, City Autopark is going to fill a Ram truck with toys and gifts for kids. Stop by and donate! So easy to do.